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SBC stands for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company which was founded by Alexander Graham Bell. It was merged with American Telephone and Telegraph Company in 1885. SBCGlobal basically refers to the internet services that are providing the national telecom services which launched its own services for the email by setting up a merger with Yahoo.  It is known for one of the best webmail service providers after merging with Yahoo. Users can mail your important documents, pictures, and files through our mail service to anyone. Our technical representatives are available on SBCGlobal Support Number to help in any problem related to technical issues. Users were not required to log in by Yahoo account and could access their individual SBCGlobal email account. Customers are required to configure the settings and are required to create a user Id and password.

Fix the problem of SBCGlobal Email which is not working on Explorer

SBCGlobal Email is one of the most popular mail account servers all around the globe which can access any device using any APP or web browser through the internet explorer browser. While accessing SBCGlobal email on the explorer, some technical issues come. You can make a call on SBCGlobal Support Number +1 844 241 0564 for any kind of help. So, we are here to solve some problems through below mentioned steps:

  • Open the official website of SBSGlobal and write the first name of the user.
  • After that a list will be opened from where you tap on the ‘delete’ option.
  • Tap on ‘confirm’ option, to confirm the deletion process.
  • Now, go to ‘internet options’ and ‘general’ tab.
  • Then, press on ‘History’ of the browser where you find the delete option.
  • You should always delete the cookies and cache from the internet explorer.
  • Remove all the temporary files, history from the browser.

These steps are helpful to fix the problem of SBCGlobal Email. SBCGlobal Support Number is available 24/7 for instant help. Our technical support teams are very proficient in fixing the problem of SBCGlobal Email to work properly on internet explorer.

SBCGlobal Email IMAP and SMTP Setting

SBCGlobal Email provides you flawless mail service all around the world, through which you can send and receive the attachments, files, and other documents. Whenever you try to setup the SBCGlobal Email account in your device or system, first check the IMAP and SMTP settings have done correctly. You can contact SBCGlobal Support to set it up.  Despite all SBCGlobal help services, you should try to do the IMAP and SMTP settings yourself.

There are several methods that help you to access the SBCGlobal Mail account in your device. You have to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:

  • Open the SBCGlobal Mail account.
  • In ‘Advanced Setting’ write the following settings:
  • In SBCGlobal port setting for Incoming Server, write ’’ and merged with Yahoo.
  • In SBCGlobal port setting for outgoing Server, write ‘’ and POP3 will be the incoming port server.
  • In incoming mail port, write ‘’ and port number ‘995’.
  • In outgoing mail port, write ‘’ and port number ‘465’.

Call SBCGlobal Support Number Anytime to Resolve Technical Glitches on Mac

SBCGlobal is one of the best email service provider though there are many others as well. If you are using MacBook then you might face issues in accessing your account there. If you are facing such issues then don’t delay in contacting our experts at SBCGlobal Support Number. We provide a step-by-step solution to you which will immediately help you to handle such sort of technical blunders. You may get quick support at the phone call or by the remote access as well whatever suits you. We ensure to provide a simple and appropriate process to get rid of any kind of technical mishaps. So reach us anytime without any hesitation we make sure to eradicate the problems from its roots without any further delay.